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Pedalo Fußwerkstatt S7 Vorfußheber

Product Type:
Foot training device for dorsiflexion weakness

Areas of Application:
- Dorsiflexion weakness
- Movement training device
- foot training
- strength training

(according to the provider)
People with dorsiflexion weaknesses have to concentrate a lot in order not to stumble. Every bump in the floor becomes a danger zone. The almost automated movement process "walking” confronts those affected with a task that they must consciously carry out, step by step. This is at the expense of the perception of his environment. Very often when the foot is weak, the foot does not touch the heel first, but rather the forefoot or the entire sole of the foot. A natural rolling of the foot and swinging the leg forward is no longer possible if the foot is weak. The person concerned tenses up and walks abnormally, sometimes even with clawed toes.
The leg is swinging forward with a circular hip movement. In the long term, those affected who move in this way complain of pain in the hip and pelvis.
With the forefoot lifter, targeted exercises are used to activate the neuronal control of the muscles responsible (primarily the anterior shin muscles) for a better gait pattern.
The leg remains completely relaxed during the execution. The focus is on the forefoot and the anterior tibial muscles. The toes should remain stretched during the exercise and should not be pulled upwards as well.
The textile resistance bands can be exchanged without tools and can therefore be washed in the washing machine by several people in practices and applications.

Technical Data:
Load capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 3.5 kg
Length: 470 kg
Width: 400 kg
Height: 60 kg

Price (without guarantee):
122.35 EUR including VAT
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Holz-Hoerz GmbH


Holz-Hoerz GmbH

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