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Looped Trainingshilfe

Product Type:
Wrist cuffs with loops

Areas of Application:
- Hand disabilities
- Training equipment with handles
- Handlebars for handbikes

The training aid consists of gloves with strong loops that can be slipped over the handles of a fitness equipment.
Also for the outside area they are an addition for some handbikes. They can be pushed onto the handlebars of handbikes and if they are not under tension, you have the option of letting go during the rest periods.
The training aids have adjustable, padded hand straps to prevent chafing.

Features / Components:
- Material : Neoprene
- machine washable
- sizes: M and L

Price (without guarantee):
pair price looped training aid: 89.60 EUR including VAT.



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rollistore GmbH

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