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SOMNOvent CR / SOMNOvent CR mit Atemluftbefeuchter SOMNOclick 300

Product Type:
Sleep apnea appliance

- Cheyne-Stokes breathing in cardiac insufficiency
- mixed sleep apnea syndrome

- acute cardiac decompensation
- severe cardiac arrhythmia, prescreenings with reduced filling of the right ventricle
- Right-sided insufficiency or other pulmonary hypertension
- severe hypotonia, especially in connection with intravascular volume depletion
- severe epistaxis
- high risk to a barotrauma
- severe pulmonary disease (e.g., chronic obstructive bronchitis (COPD), pulmonary emphysema)
- severe hypoxemia or hypercapnia during the day
- respiratory insufficiency of a different cause than Cheyne-Stokes breathing in cardiac insufficiency, central or mixed sleep apnea syndrome
- Nighttime hypoxemia of a different genesis than Cheyne-Stokes respiration in cardiac insufficiency, central or mixed sleep apnea syndrome
- Pneumothorax or Pneumomediastinum
- Pneumoencephalus
- Skull trauma
- Status after brain surgery as well as after surgery on the pituitary or the inner or inner ear
- acute nasal sinusitis, otitis media, or eardrum perforation
- Dehydration

Features / Components:
- to non-life-sustaining treatment of adults and children aged 12 or over
- combined therapy with Cheyne-Stokes breathing and sleep apnea
- intelligent, robust algorithm for automatically adapting three levels of pressure to the patient's current needs, differentiating obstructive and central events
- SoftPAP under normal breathing
- with softstart and autostart
- 2-stage filter system with fine and coarse filter
- graphical evaluation with the PC software SOMNOsupport and extensive diagnostic information for therapy control as well as compliance data (therapy calendar)
- Remote setting with SOMNOadjust or SOMNOsupport
- analog signals for PSG feed (pressure, flow, leakage)
- can be used in combination with the heatable humidifier SOMNOclick 300
- Humidifiers are either available as an optional accessory or are supplied with the basic unit

Technical Data:
Weight:approx. 3.4 kg
Height:9 cm
Width:18 cm
Depth:32 cm
Connection diameter:19.5 mm (breathing hose)
Voltage:115/230 V AC, 50-60 Hz; 12/24 VDC
Power consumption at:230 V 115 V 24 V 12 V
- Operation 0.11 A 0.22 A 0.8 A 1.5 A
- Standby (Standby) 0.02 A 0.03 A 0.5 A 0.6 A
Operating noise:approx. 26 dB (A) at 10 hPa
Operating pressure range:4 to 20 hPa
Pressure Accuracy:+/- 0.4 hPa
Max. CPAP pressure:<30 hPa
Flow at max. Speed ??and:
- 20 hPa 115 l / min
- 13.5 hPa 150 l / min
- 6,5 hPa 175 l / min
- 0 hPa 195 l / min
Tolerance:+/- 15 l / min
Filter filtration efficiency:> = 99.5% to 1 ?m
> = 85% to 0.3 ?m
Fine filter life:approx. 250 h

Alternatively, there is this sleep apnea appliance including humidifier:
Product Order no. SHI-No.
SOMNOvent CR with SOMNOclick 300 WM 24785

Options / Accessories:
Information on the accessories can be found on page 2 of the Product brochure (PDF).

Price (without guarantee):
The prices are available upon request via the manufacturer.


CE 0197 / 93/42/EWG / EN 60601-1 / EN 60601-1-2


GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis / /

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Löwenstein Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG


Löwenstein Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG

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