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point 2 BILEVEL ST20 / point 2 BILEVEL ST20 mit aquapoint 2

Product Type:
Sleep apnea

- Patients without spontaneous breathing

Features / Components:
- for non-life-supporting ventilation of adult patients weighing 30 kg and over 7 years of pediatric patients weighing more than 18 kg Obstructive sleep apnea
- CPAP, BILEVEL S and BILEVEL ST therapy mode
- with BiFlex comfort function to relieve pressure at the end of inhalation and at the beginning of exhalation
- with linear ramp function for slow pressure increase at the beginning of therapy
- automatic trigger adjustment
- audible and visual alarms
- incl. SD card and SD card slot for logging information for the medical care provider
- additional oxygen supply at each point of the patient tube possible only with optional available pressure valve
- with a DC power source (car, boat) usable
- with optional Available battery adapter cable with a stand-alone 12 V DC battery r
- suitable for air travel both in mains and DC operation
- Scope of Delivery consisting of basic unit incl. mains supply cable, operating manual, SD card, filter and hose system
- usable in combination with the heated system One humidifier
- the humidifier is as optional accessories available

Technical Data:
Weight:about 1.36 kg
Height:10 cm
Width:14 cm
Depth:18 cm
Voltage:100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz; 12V DC
Power consumption:2.1A AC and 5A DC
Operating noise:<25dB (A) at 10hPa
Operating pressure range:4 to 20 hPa (in 0.5 hPa +/- pressure haptics:approx. +/- 0.5 hPa
Breathing pressure indication:digital
Sound pressure level:<30 dB (A)
IPAP pressure range:4 to 25 hPa
EPAP pressure range:4 to 25 hPa

Alternatively, this sleep apnea device including humidifier is available:

product order no. SHI No.
point 2 Bilevel ST20 with aquapoint 2 0001295

Options / Accessories:
For the product, the following supplementary products are available in the suppliers assortment:

Product Order No.
Bacteria filter 342077
Pressure valve REF 302418

Price (without guarantee):
The prices are available on request from the manufacturer.


CE 0123


GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis / /

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