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Product Type:
spray atomiser

- Asthma
- Allergies
- small infections
- Preventive care of the respiratory tract

Compressed air jet nozzles for the treatment of the lower and / or upper airways consist of an electrical basic device, the compressor, and the actual nebulizer into which the inhalation solution is filled and atomized by the compressed air. Both parts are connected to each other by a connecting hose which directs the compressed air of the compressor into the nebuliser. The aerosol is produced in the nebuliser using the so-called venturi principle:an air stream generates a vacuum, which sucks the medicament solution and atomizes it at the nozzle. Depending on the size and nature of the nozzle attachment used, different droplets are produced. The resulting aerosol is then inhaled via mouthpiece or mask.

Features / Components:
- Medication nebulizer for the lower respiratory tract
- Basic unit with power supply
- with PARI LC PLUS nebulizer; Can be retrofitted with PARI LC SPRINT nebulizer
- with mouthpiece and child mask
- with connecting hose
- Operation on mains and battery
- can be extended by PARI BASIC Mobilset (PZN:6494322) including rechargeable battery (approx. 8 inhalations) and bag for network-independent use

Technical Data:
Weight:0.36 kg
Height:4,5 cm
Width:8.9 cm
Depth:11.3 cm
Voltage:100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz; 12 V DC
Current consumption:0.6 A (at 240 V AC)
1.67 A (at 12 VDC)
Operating noise:approx. 52 dB (A)
Nebulizer performance:360 mg / min (PARI LC PLUS)
440 mg / min (PARI LC SPRINT)
Pressure:1 bar
Flow (inspiratory):20 l / min
Compressor flow:3.8 l / min
Nebulised medium:0.9% NaCl (5 ml)
Med. Mass diameter:3.7 micrometers (PARI LC PLUS)
3.8 micrometers (PARI LC SPRINT)
Particle size:66% <5 micrometers (PARI LC PLUS)
65% <5 micrometers (PARI LC SPRINT)
Operating mode:intermittent operation (30 min ON / 30 min OFF)

Pharmaceutical central number: 6116525

Price (without guarantee):
176,95 EUR PARI BASIC recommended retail price incl. VAT (price list 2016)
97,58 EUR PARI BASIC Mobilset recommended retail price incl. VAT (price list 2016)


CE 0123 / 93/42/EWG


GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis /

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PARI Medical Holding GmbH


PARI Medical Holding GmbH

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