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Product Type:
Leg training device

Areas of Application:
Treatment goals (provider):
- Improving self-awareness
- Maintaining and improving joint mobility
- Improving neuromuscular control
- Avoiding muscular imbalances and atrophies

Indications (provider):
- Cruciate ligament injuries
- Knee and hip replacement
- Conversion osteotomies
- Reconstructive surgery on menisci and articular cartilage

CAMOped is an active therapy device for the knee joint to promote coordination and proprioception.
The CAMOped allows the injured leg to be passively exercised by the healthy, contralateral leg. The device works without a motor and is actively moved by the patient.
Two lower leg shells in which the lower leg is guided are moved in opposite directions and depending on each other. The range of motion can be set with an angle limiter. The device can be transported thanks to retractable supports and shells (weight 8.8 kg).
Proprioception is the prerequisite for coordinated movements and motor reflexes. The receptors and thus the information pathways to the central nervous system are destroyed postoperatively. As a result, patients have a disturbed self-perception and thus functional instability.
With CAMOped, the patients are involved in the rehabilitation process at an early stage. They not only practice the movements, but also perceive the positions, movements and speeds and use these perceptions for motor skills. This coordinative training of senso-motor skills is crucial before starting strength training.

The aid is provided to the patient on loan for the duration of the care.

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Oped GmbH

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