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Oxygen filling station

Oxygen filling stations are a development in the field of mobile oxygen supply. They work on the principle of an oxygen concentrator and extract oxygen from the room air. The resulting oxygen is compressed and then used to fill special cylinders. The bottles, which are available in various sizes, are connected to the filling station with a quick-release seal.

The UltraFill system can only be used in combination with the Philips EverFlo, Millennium M5 and Millennium M10 oxygen concentrators and with Invacare oxygen concentrators.

Features / Components:
- Basic unit with mains cable
- with transport aids (castors and carrying handle)
- with two empty bottles and carrying bag
- Bottles with integrated economy system or continuous flow as well as device-specific filling connection available

Technical Data:
Weight:about 20.4 kg
Height:50.8 cm
Width:22.9 cm
Depth:64.8 cm
Voltage:230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption:110 W
Operating noise:41.3 dB (A)
O2 concentration:93% +/- 3%
Bottle filling pressure:200 bar
Bottle weight:1.7 or 3.0 kg (depending on the bottle size)
Bottle volume:1 or 2 l (depending on the Bottle size)
Fill time:122 or 244 min (depending on bottle size)

Options / Accessories:
Accessory information is on page 7 of the Product brochure (PDF)

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer.


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