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Krankenstuhlwaage SOEHNLE 7802

Product Type:
Seating scales

Areas of Application:
- Walking disabilities
- People who cannot stand freely and without stopping for a long enough time on a floor scale

For people who cannot stand, there is an electronic version of the chair scale with a digital display. With this model, the weight is read behind the back of the chair.

Features / Components:
- ergonomically shaped seat
- foldable armrests and footrests
- energy-saving auto-off function
- integrated battery with charger
- taring function: documents can be tared
- Hold function: the weight value is held for a few seconds after the load is removed
- Variant .002: two rear swivel castors with parking brake
- Variant .402: four rear swivel castors with parking brake
- Units in kg / lb

Technical Data:
Weighing range: 0 - 200 kg
Digit increments: 100 g
Operating mode: mains and battery operation, optional rechargeable battery
Dimensions: Width 58 cm x depth 110 cm x height 93 cm
Brakes: steerable wheels, individually braked

Price (without guarantee):
798.00 EUR excl. VAT (2 rolls)
848.00 EUR excl. VAT (4 rolls)
Price date: 17.02.2021



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Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH


Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH

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update status: 17.02.2021

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