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Sliding puzzle

The sliding puzzle consists of a beech wood panel and a set of number boards with the numbers 1-15. Boards with the letters A to Z are available as an extension set. Moving and arranging the number tables should increase the possible range of movement of the shoulders. The sliding puzzle can be used to exercise the affected half of the body, especially for patients with a stroke. The level of difficulty can be varied by adjusting the incline and height by appropriately attaching the exercise device to the therapy table. By arranging the alphabet, searching for and forming simple words, cognitive skills such as concentration, word comprehension and word finding are promoted.

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01070 Sliding puzzle 75 x 75 cm EUR 272.77
01071 Extension set 24 pieces EUR 122.68

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Ergotech - Handel und Vertrieb von Therapiebedarf
Tim Sörgel

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