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Assistive Product Groups according to ISO 9999

Product overview oriented on the international classification ISO 9999 “Assistive products for persons with disability - Classification and terminology”

ISO Level 1

Assistive products (ISO 9999) Products

04 Assistive products for measuring, supporting, training or replacing body functions
Included are, e.g., assistive products used in medical treatment; excluded are assistive products used exclusively by healthcare professionals


05 Assistive products for education and for training in skills
Included are, e.g., assistive products used for communication training, continence training, training in cognitive skills, social skills, mouse control


06 Assistive products attached to the body for supporting neuromusculoskeletal or movement related functions (orthoses) and replacing anatomical structures (prostheses)
Included are, e.g., abdominal hernia supports, orthopaedic footwear; excluded are endo-prostheses


09 Assistive products for self-care activities and participation in self-care
Included are, e.g., assistive products for incontinence care, stoma products, assistive products for dressing, toileting, washing and bathing, body-worn safety devices; assistive products for eating and drinking, see 15 09


12 Assistive products for activities and participation relating to personal mobility and transportation
Included are, e.g., assistive products for transfering, hoists, assistive products for orientation of blind persons


15 Assistive products for domestic activities and participation in domestic life
Included are, e.g., assistive products for eating and drinking, assistive products for the manifacture and care of textiles


18 Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments
Included are, e.g., furniture, seating furniture and seat cushions, elevators, stairclimbers, ramps, safety equipment; hoists, see 12 36


22 Assistive products for communication and information management
Included are, e.g., assistive products for seeing, hearing, reading, writing, telephoning, signalling and alarming, computer; assistive products for blind persons are classified in different groups


24 Assistive products for controlling, carrying, moving and handling objects and devices
Included are, e.g., assistive products for grasping, tube squeezing devices, push-buttons, environmental control systems; assistive products for fixing and positioning workpieces and tools see 28


27 Assistive products for controlling, adapting or measuring elements of physical environments
Included are, e.g., humidifiers, measuring instruments for private use


28 Assistive products for work activities and participation in employment
Included are, e.g., work furniture, industrial transport vehicles, cranes, machines, office equipment, work related software


30 Assistive products for recreation and leisure
Included are, e.g., games, handicraft tools, sport equipment, musical instruments