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Wheelchair Access Device

The wheelchair user has an adjustment unit, which makes it possible to perform the exercises without outside help. Due to the inclined guide tube, a free trailer training is possible. The freely movable diverters adapt automatically to any desired or necessary direction of movement during pull training.

The starting position of the pull-out extensions can be adjusted to the height that can be reached from the seat using the locking pin. If the initial position is to be adjusted further upwards, the adjustment tube is simply slipped onto the bolt and the locking bolt is released via the adjustment unit. After adjustment, the adjustment tube is removed again. The device can be used without any restrictions.

Options / Accessories:
Additional options: adjustable handrails, movement limiters, swiveling handles, large and small tie rods, pull cuffs

Through different weight plates and weight packages, as well as the possibility of weight 2 or 3 times to redirect you have the opportunity to customize the device.

The device is offered as a wall and floor model.

FD 106 AL - Universal double trainer - Wall model 60 kg
FD 107 AL - Universal trainer - Wall model 80 kg
FD 106R AL - Universal - Traction trainer - Wall model 60 kg
FD 107R AL - Universal - Double Traction Trainer - Wall Model 80 kg
FD 108R AL - Universal - Traction Model 60 kg
FD 109R AL - Universal - Traction Model 80 kg

Price (without guarantee):
1.580,00 to 2.950,00 EUR plus VAT
depending on the version
Retail price
Price Date: 27.03.2019



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Peter Beutel - Fitness


Peter Beutel - Fitness

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