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Schultisch Kinderkogti

Product Type:
School table for children

The Kinderkogti has the dimensions 116 cm x 60 cm and can be adjusted with a gas spring-handed crank infinitely variable from 62 cm to 112 cm in height
He is wheelchair accessible by wheelchair and can in all directions with adapted. be provided aids
The inclination can infinitely variable from 0 -.. be adjusted 90 degrees
The frame is made of sturdy metal equipped with a powder coating. As standard it is equipped with 4 lockable castors.
The tabletop is made of birch plywood and is consistently provided with holes and openings to fix therapy and exercises.

Areas of Application:s
The Kinderkogti allows an ideal space to build a right-left design to stimulate crossing the center line. The plurality of holes is used to build and Insert. The easily deflectable child can be made possible with a quickly drawn up guying of corrugated cardboard a space for concentrated learning. The spastic or ataxic child provides the protected space and a great security through the screwed rods plenty of grip and new experiences

Price (without guarantee):
From 1,229.00 EUR including VAT
Prices depend on the accessories or the special equipment
There are a series Accessories for therapy and for the school, it is also a handbook for educators included

Consumer Price
Price Date:08.28.2015



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