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Elektro-Stand- und Seitsitzstapler ESD 120 / Elektro-Stand- und Seitsitzstapler ESD 220

Product Type:
Electric pallet truck

Areas of Application:
for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- in case of restrictions

The ESD 120 as a standard unit is narrower than a Euro pallet with a width of 760 mm and is suitable for pallet positioning on truck side walls as well as for rapid truck loading and unloading. The foldable seat provides extra comfort when driving over long distances. When folded up, it serves as a backrest. The frequent ascent and descent is facilitated by the low entry height (245 mm). The model ESD 220 is a pure side seat device and therefore designed for long-distance use and is suitable for block stacking. The height adjustment of the foot area promotes an ergonomic working position.

Features / Components:
- Device Type:Electric
- Operation:Stand or Seat
- Drivers Seat:Drivers cab with damping elements, back pad with integrated, foldable half-seat, low entry height
- stroke:electro-hydraulic
- Control:Pulse control with SpeedControl
- brakes:electromechanical
- steering:electric
- double-decker truck loading

Technical Data:
ESD120 / ESD220
max. Load capacity:2000 kg
max. Stroke (h3):1660 mm
Driving speed:12 / 9.1 km / h
Overall length:2260/2185 mm
Battery voltage:24V

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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Jungheinrich PROFISHOP AG & Co. KG


Jungheinrich PROFISHOP AG & Co. KG

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