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Invacare Birdie EVO Patientenlifter

Product Type:
Mobile patient hoist

Areas of Application:
- Lifting aid while sitting and lying down
- Transfer (wheelchair, bed, floor, toilet, bathtub)

The patient hoist has an invisibly integrated damper in the lift arm. The damper reduces patient movements to a minimum
The lifter can be brought up to the bed, armchair or electric wheelchair.
Thanks to the curved shape of the extension arm and spreader bar, the patient and caregiver have a clear field of vision and can maintain eye contact at all times. In an emergency, the lifter can be lowered electrically and manually.
The chassis spread can be ordered either manually or electrically.

Technical Data:
Width: 64 cm to 110 cm
Length: 125 cm
Wheel diameter: 7.5 cm
Lifting range: 63 cm to 187 cm
Turning circle: 140 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Body weight: 180 kg

Price (without guarantee):
1,495.00 EUR plus VAT.
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Invacare GmbH

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