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Product Type:
Individually customizable camera and sensor system for forklifts

Areas of Application:
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- in the case of limited visibility

The system consists of different components, which are available in different combinations Use can come. Each component can also be used individually and can be attached to any standard truck types. Basically, the system consists of various camera variants, distance sensors, warning lights and inclination indicators, which inform the machine operator via a display. All components can be independently mounted to existing forklifts for individual use.

Features / Components:
- Camera Systems: The cameras can be mounted at different points on the forks to cover different viewing areas around the truck.
- Distance sensors: The different sensors facilitate a precise start-up of the transported goods. A distinction is made here between sensors that help to precisely align the fork and sensors that allow precise maneuvering of the fork under the goods.
- Warning lights: The LEDs serve as warning signals to prevent tripping over or otherwise contacting the forklift fork.
- inclination displays: With the different inclination displays slipping of the transport goods and a precise start can be prevented or made possible

Price (without guarantee):
The price depends on individual customer requirements.

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VETTER Industrie GmbH


VETTER Industrie GmbH

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