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Komissionier- und Schmalgangstapler MX-X

Product Type:
Picking Stacker with Swivel Fork / Telescopic Fork (Man-Up)

Special Feature:

Areas of Application:
for example
- for relief of the musculoskeletal system
- Limitations of the musculoskeletal system

The order picking trucks are forklift trucks with liftable operator stations that can be used both for order picking and for stacking and unstacking load units. The liftable operator station (man-up) serves as a drivers cab and is integrated in the mast with the load handling attachment.
The MX-X truck is also suitable for narrow aisles thanks to its design. The device can be adapted to individual requirements thanks to the modular design.

Features / Components:
- Height-adjustable control panel with ergonomic steering knob, intuitive controls and color display
- Secure functionality thanks to optional tilting side gates for even easier access to goods
- Wind and cold-protected drivers cabs
- High freedom of movement due to different cabin sizes
- Shock-damped floor, large foot cut-out and optimal positioning of the travel switch
- Large viewing windows for the bottom pick-up of load carriers
- Electric drive
- Various driver assistance systems: Safety Assist (rescue alarm for atypical driving behavior, brake assist systems, speed and cruise control) Functional adaptation in defined zones); Drive Assist (optimization of vehicle movements, gear recognition, Active Floor Compensation (AFC)); Load Assist (active load stabilization in the narrow aisle, navigation aid for the driver, lifting height preselection)

Technical Data:
Overall width: 1160-1870 mm
Stroke: 4200-11550 mm
Height Mast retracted: 3400-5400 mm
Ground clearance: 87 mm
Load center: 600 mm
Wheel dimensions: Drive side 406/170 mm, Load side 370/160 mm
Sound level: 68 dB (A)
drive motor: 7 kW
Lifting motor: 24 kW
Battery: 48 V / 420-1240 Ah, 80 V / 360-930 Ah
Load capacity: 1250-1500 kg

Options / Accessories:
- Workplace lighting
- different seats
- Reversing camera
- Impeller brake
- Forced operation mechanical or inductive
- Various masts for additional stroke
- Various attachments for swivel forks
- Standardized interface for data
- Mobile personal protection system
- PIN Code access
- additional braking system
- automation interface for unattended automatic operation

Price (without guarantee):
The price depends on the individual customer requirements.



Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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