Assistive Product Groups according to ISO 9999

Product overview oriented on the international classification ISO 9999 “Assistive products for persons with disability - Classification and terminology”

ISO Level 2:

Current ISO Group: 28Assistive products for work activities and participation in employment

Assistive products (ISO 9999) Products

28 03 Workplace furniture and furnishing elements
Tables, see 18 03


28 06 Assistive products for transporting objects in the workplace
Devices for transporting and moving cargo or other objects over longer distances at work


28 09 Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in the workplace
Devices for raising or repositioning materials, loads or persons in the work environment


28 12 Assistive products for fixing, reaching and grasping objects in the workplace
Devices for securing, gripping, holding, carrying and positioning work equipment for easy use


28 15 Machines and tools for use in the workplace
Tools, heavy equipment and other machines adapted or designed for use by a person in the workplace


28 18 Devices for testing and monitoring in the workplace
Equipment and software for quantitative and qualitative analysis in the production or work process


28 21 Assistive products for office administration, information storage and management at work
Devices which help to organise, file, sort and process work in the administrative work area


28 24 Assistive products for protection and safety in the workplace
Devices to help ensure health and safety and to control and upgrade the environmental conditions at work


28 27 Assistive products for vocational assessment and vocational training
Equipment, materials or software that evaluates suitability and aptitude for a vocation or assists a person in the acquisition or development of basic and complex vocational skills