Assistive Product Groups according to ISO 9999

Product overview oriented on the international classification ISO 9999 “Assistive products for persons with disability - Classification and terminology”

ISO Level 2:

Current ISO Group: 09Assistive products for self-care activities and participation in self-care

Assistive products (ISO 9999) Products

09 03 Clothes and shoes
Included are, e.g., clothes and shoes for babies and children.


09 06 Body-worn assistive products for body protection
Equipment to prevent injury to parts of the body


09 07 Assistive products for body stabilization
Included are, e.g., seatbelts, belts and harnesses.


09 09 Assistive products for dressing and undressing
Equipment to assist when putting on or taking off clothes and shoes


09 12 Assistive products for toileting
Assistive products for inserting suppositories, see 04 19 30


09 15 Assistive products for tracheostomy care
Devices used in connection with breathing through an artificial opening in the windpipe


09 18 Assistive products for ostomy care
Devices for collecting bodily waste matter through an artificial opening in the intestines (a stoma)


09 21 Products for skin protection and skin cleaning
Products used to protect the skin from injury from a variety of sources, including the use of prostheses and orthoses and the use of adhesives for ostomy care


09 24 Urine diverters
Devices for draining away urine when the control of the bladder is impaired


09 27 Urine and faeces collectors
Included are, e.g. connecting units(tubes, connectors, valves)


09 30 Assistive products for absorbing urine and faeces
Devices used for absorbing discharge of urine rom the bladder an faecal matter from rectum


09 31 Assistive products to prevent involuntary urine or faeces leakage


09 32 Assistive products for management of menstruation
Assistive products to manage menstrual flow


09 33 Assistive products for washing, bathing and showering
Assistive products for toileting, see 09 12


09 36 Assistive products for manicure and pedicure
Devices to assist in the care of hands, fingernails, feet, toes and toenails


09 39 Assistive products for hair care
Devices for washing and styling hair


09 42 Assistive products for dental care
Tube-squeezing keys, see 24 06 06


09 45 Assistive products for facial care
Devices used to assist when applying cosmetics or skin care products to the face or to perform other types of facial grooming


09 54 Assistive products for sexual activities
Devices for training and assisting during sexual activities