Assistive Product Groups according to ISO 9999

Product overview oriented on the international classification ISO 9999 “Assistive products for persons with disability - Classification and terminology”

ISO Level 2:

Current ISO Group: 04Assistive products for measuring, supporting, training or replacing body functions

Assistive products (ISO 9999) Products

04 03 Assistive products for respiration
Equipment for assisting a person to breathe


04 06 Assistive products for circulation therapy
Equipment for assisting circulation by passive or active compression


04 08 Compression garments for body control and conceptualization
Garments that facilitate body posture and control or body conceptualization with even pressure


04 09 Assistive products for light therapy
Infrared (IR) lamps, see 04 30 03


04 15 Assistive products for dialysis therapy
Devices for purifying the blood of a person


04 19 Assistive products for administering medicines
Assistive products to control the rate and quantity of medicines administered


04 22 Sterilizing equipment
Devices that eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from assistive products


04 24 Physical, physiological and biochemical test equipment and materials
Measuring instruments and equipment for the workplace, see 28 18 03


04 25 Cognitive test and evaluation materials
Equipment for testing all those functions and activities that are related to logical thinking, intellectual potential and reasoning


04 26 Assistive products for cognitive therapy
Devices to assist in cognitive therapy, including doll therapy and memory stimulation therapy to aid people suffering from memory impairment


04 27 Stimulators
Assistive products for increasing, decreasing or stabilizing body functions, through non-orthotic stimulators


04 30 Assistive products for heat or cold treatment
Devices to produce heat or cold for therapeutic purposes


04 33 Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity
Included are, e.g., products to prevent pressure sores and decubitus ulcers.


04 36 Assistive products for perceptual training
Assistive products for training in the correct acquisition and mental processing of external stimuli (coming from sight, hearing and other senses)


04 45 Assistive products for spinal traction
Devices used to produce stretching of the spine


04 48 Equipment for movement, strength and balance training
Measuring instruments and equipment for workplace, see 28 18 03


04 49 Wound care products
Included are, e.g., assistive products for wound care dressings, wound care absorbtion, wound care drainage and products for fixation of wound care products.