About REHADAT-Assistive Products

REHADAT-Assistive Products offers a neutral overview of the assistive products and technical working aids in Germany as well as comprehensive background knowledge. In this way, we contribute to individual and needs-oriented care in everyday life and at work.

It is our goal to create transparency and provide clarification with well-founded and relevant information:

  • We observe the market for assistive products and look for new technologies that can support people with disabilities.
  • All products are independent of cost bearer, vendor-neutral and are described in a comparable manner with features and illustrations.
  • We map the medical technical aids register of the statutory health insurance (GKV) as a separate additional application. Products with GKV numbers are directly linked to it.
  • We bundle information on financing aids, technical working aids and barrier-free conversions.
  • Companies can place their products with us free of charge.
  • We offer seminars on the supply and financing of medical aids.
  • We visit trade fairs and events - we are represented with our own stand at the trade fairs REHACARE, REHAB and A+A.
  • We keep you up to date with news and Twitter.
  • Our FAQ provides answers to common questions about assistive devices.

This portal is part of REHADAT's range of information. REHADAT is a project at the German Economic Institute, funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) from the compensation fund. Further information on REHADAT is available here.

REHADAT is a partner in the global assistive product network EASTIN.

Please note:

  • The contents of REHADAT are automatically translated by DeepL, a translation program based on artificial intelligence.
  • English contents (e. g. product descriptions) are offered by navigating through the menu options.
  • Due to technical conditions, you will currently only receive German results if you search for an item by the above search bar.