Screen Resolution

  • The website is optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • You can enlarge the typeface by "following the link Customize View" (top left of each page) and here change the page size.
  • You can also increase the font size by using the zoom in the browser menu "View" or change the text size.

Browser Versions

The web pages of the REHADAT assistive products portal are optimized for the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8.0
  • Firefox Version 3.0
  • Netscape Navigator Version 7.0
  • Opera Version 7.5
  • Lynx

Changing the Font Size

You have the possibility to adjust the font size in the browser to your viewing preferences. To do this, use the link "Customize View" at the top of each page of the REHADAT assistive products portal or the menu item "View" of your browser.

Navigation without the Mouse

  • [Alt + 0] - Homepage
  • [Alt + 1] - Top of page
  • [Alt + 5] - Contact
  • [Alt + 6] - Overview
  • [Alt + 8] - Page contents
  • [Alt + 9] - Legal notice

In Internet Explorer, first press the key combination Alt + Number, followed by the Enter key.
In Firefox the keys Shift + Alt + Number need to be pressed together.
In Opera the key combination Shift + Esc need to be pressed first, and then the Number.
In Safari, the key combination Alt + Number is usually used, but on Apple computers Ctrl + Number

Search in Offers

In addition to the navigation structure of the assistive product fields, you can use the Global Search, which searches the entire range. Simply enter the search term in the box on the right at the top of the screen.

Printing Documents

The link "Print / Save" can be found in the service navigation at the top of the screen and at the end of an article. This will open a print preview. You can then print the document using the print function of your browser.


To open the PDF files you need a PDF reader, e.g., Adobe. This program can be downloaded for free at: files are marked as such. Information about the file size will also be mentioned. The PDF files created by REHADAT are accessible. Unfortunately, we can not ensure this for external PDF files, to which we link.