The organisation of a wide variety of leisure and sports activities should be possible for people with disabilities. Special products make a contribution to participation in these fields.

These assistive products can:

  • Enable participation in competitive, leisure, amateur and rehabilitation sports
  • Include games and playing aids for nearly all types of disabilities and ages
  • Make music making possible
  • Make gardening with physical limitations easier
  • Enable arts and crafts
  • Allow the pursuit of all kinds of hobbies
Super Sized Dominoes


Games, playing aids, toys and playground equipment with disability-friendly adaptations enabling playful participation in leisure activities.

Racket and ball


Sports equipment and specially adapted tools allow people with disabilities to practice certain types of sports and also with people without disabilities.



Musical instruments and adaptation aids for musical instruments

Pedal fretsaw


Materials and custom-designed assistive products which enable people with disabilities to do manual work or handicrafts in their free time.



Here aids can be found to facilitate gardening activities for people with disabilities

fishing rod holder for wheelchairs

Hunting, fishing and pet care

Fishing rod holder for wheel chairs and food stand for pets

Mobile Home Assessible for People with Disabilities

Camping and Caravans

Caravans and mobile homes predominantly offered to rent for wheelchair users.