Keyboard operation

The website REHADAT Aids facilitates the use of the keyboard instead of the mouse, so that you can move through all pages (contents and functions) with the keyboard.

You can move through all pages (contents and functions) with the keyboard. Repeatedly press the Tab key to jump/move through the web page, directly from link to link on the current page or through all contents and other operating elements of the page. The currently selected element on the web page is always visually highlighted. If you want to select the currently highlighted element, you can confirm it with the ENTER key.

Jump links

The Tab key also makes the so-called jump links visible. These serve to move more easily within the page currently displayed. To activate such a selected link with the keyboard, also press the ENTER button.

Jump links are available at the top of the website to take you directly to the main navigation, the website content or the search input mask. In the content area, a link also takes you back to the top of the page.

Keyboard shortcuts (access keys)

The digits 0 to 9 offer direct access to selected pages of this website as keyboard shortcuts (so-called access keys).
By entering the keyboard shortcuts and then confirming with the ENTER key, you can reach the following destinations:

Alt + 0
Alt + 1
Jump to top of page (To the top of the current page)
Alt + 5
Contact (address, telephone numbers, e-mail address and link to the form for your questions, suggestions or complaints)
Alt + 6
Alt + 8
Jump to the content of the currently accessed page
Alt + 9
Imprint and privacy policy

Note for Firefox

In the Firefox browser, please use the Shift and Alt keys instead of Alt, followed by the corresponding number.