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If you have any questions about job participation, work adjustment, financing or making an application, the following contact points and experts, both inside and outside the company, can help you.

The company integration team is responsible for representing the interests of companies and is the direct contact for employers and employees with disabilities.

Technical advisers from the integration/inclusion offices or the rehabilitation providers are important contacts for the selection, adaptation and development of technical work aids in the workplace. Within the framework of administrative assistance, they can also become active and provide support for other rehabilitation providers that do not have a technical advisory service.

Integration specialist services (IFD) advise and support both companies and people with disabilities on questions of new employment and employment.

The rehabilitation teams of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) advise and develop individual integration concepts and decide on necessary and possible services to (re)integrate young people and adults with disabilities into working life. The rehabilitation team is supported in its work by the specialist services of the Federal Employment Agency (Medical Service, Psychological Service and Technical Advisory Service).

The relevant rehabilitation team for employees can be contacted via the BA's nationwide service telephone number: Telephone: 0800 4 5555 00

The rehabilitation counselling service (Reha-Management) of the pension insurance and accident insurance provides advice and support free of charge on all questions of rehabilitation, primarily on the subject of benefits for participation in working life.

The specialist or inclusion consultations of the chambers support craft enterprises and tradespeople with all questions relating to the employment of workers with disabilities.

Vocational Training Centres are inter-company facilities for the vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities. They offer counselling, diagnostics, preparatory courses, qualification, job-related testing of aids, medical, psychological and socio-pedagogical assistance as well as support with job applications and placement.

The Berufsbildungswerke (BBW) are supra-regional and supra-company facilities that provide young people with disabilities with initial vocational training in recognised training occupations.

The regional counselling centres provide information on all questions of rehabilitation and participation. The counselling is independent and should mainly take place as peer counselling, i.e. by people who themselves live with a disability.

The social service in the hospital or in the rehabilitation clinic advises and supports in all questions concerning medical and job rehabilitation - often also in psychosocial and economic questions in connection with a stay in hospital.

In addition, you can contact self-help groups, social associations, assistive products advice centres or the manufacturers and distributors of technical work aids and occupational assistive products.