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If you have questions about participation in working life, work adjustment, financing or application, the following internal and external contact points can help you.

Possible points of contact for the use of technical aids for work:

  • Company representation of interests (representation of severely disabled persons, inclusion representative of the employer, works council and staff council).
  • Specialists for occupational safety (FASi), safety officers
  • Physicians for occupational and industrial medicine
  • Technical advisory services (TBD)
  • Inclusion counseling of the IHK and HWK
  • Integration services (IFD)
  • Vocational Training Centres (BBW), Vocational Training Centres (BFW)
  • Single points of contact for employers (EAA)
  • Supplementary independent participation counseling centers (EUTB)
  • Rehab counseling of the rehabilitation providers
  • Contact points for rehabilitation and participation
  • Self-help associations and groups, social associations
  • Social services in clinics and rehabilitation clinics
  • Aids advice centers
  • Aids manufacturers and distributors