Bath inserts, bath lifts, shower chairs and non-slip bath mats enable independent washing and bathing.


  • Height adjustable wash basin
  • Shower chairs with non-slip feet
  • Shower without tripping hazards
  • Floating aids for non-swimmers

Subsections of: Washing, bathing and showering

Assistive products for washing, bathing and showering

Devices for supporting sitting during bathing or showering

Non-slip bath mats, non-slip shower mats and non-slip tapes

Materials for preventing a person from slipping while in the bath, bathroom or shower

Showers and shower units

Included are, e.g., shower doors, shower curtains and equipment and fixtures for adjusting the position of the showerhead.

Bathing stretchers, shower tables and diaper-changing tables

Stationary or portable tables on which a person lies during bathing, showering or nappy changing

Wash basins

Stationary or portable basins for water used when washing parts of the body


Stationary or portable basins primarily intended for washing genitals and bottom


Also known as baths

Bathtub shelves

Devices placed across the bath for holding required objects or materials. also known as bath shelves

Assistive products for reducing length or depth of a bathtub

Devices or materials placed inside a bath to reduce its length or depth

Washclothes, sponges and brushes with holder, handle or grip

Devices used for washing or scrubbing the body

Soap dishes, soap holders and soap dispensers

Devices for holding or giving out soap or detergents

Assistive products for drying oneself

Devices and materials for enabling a person to dry his/her own body

Assistive products for floating

Devices for assisting a person to float while bathing or swimming


Devices that allow a person to breath air from below water level while bathing or swimming