Helmets, safety glasses, hearing protection, respiratory masks, bandages, retaining belts and gloves are used as assistive products to protect the body. The intention is to protect the body from injury, foreign bodies and external influences.

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Subsections of: Body protection

Assistive products for eye or face protection

Included are, e.g., moist chambers and watch-glass dressings.

Assistive products for ear or hearing protection

Assistive products for reducing noise, see 27 03 09

Assistive products for elbow or arm protection

Pads, cushions and other accessories for walking aids to prevent bruising or skin injury, see 12 07 18

Assistive products for hand protection

Included are, e.g., wheelchair gloves.

Assistive products for knee or leg protection

Included are, e.g., stockings for amputated legs (stump socks).

Assistive products for trunk or whole-body protection

Included are, e.g., trousers and underwear with built-in protection to prevent fracture when falling.

Assistive products for airway protection

Devices to protect the respiratory tract from harmful external influences