Urine bags, pads, anal and vaginal tampons are required if urinary and / or bowel movements can not be controlled.

These assistive products can:

  • Inlays and pads absorb the urine
  • Urine bags collect the urine
  • Catheters drain the urine away

Subsections of: Urine and faeces incontinence

Urine diverters

Tubular devices inserted into the urethra to provide long-term drainage and flushing of the bladder

Intermittent catheters

Disposable tubular devices inserted into the urethra to provide single drainage and flushing of the bladder

Penile sheaths

Soft sheaths that fit over the penis, through which urine is drained through outlet tube that can be connected to urine collection bags

Urine chutes

Devices to direct urine from the body into e.g. a toilet. can be used when standing

Assistive products for self-catheterization

Included are, e.g., mirrors, labial spreaders, knee-spreading cushions, ergo-hand insertion aids, cath-hand and penis support.

Urine and faeces collectors

Flexible containers for collecting urine without an opening for drainage of the contents

Open-ended urine collection bags

Flexible containers for collecting urine with an opening for drainage of the contents

Non-body-worn urinals and urine bottles

Included are, e.g., devices with a similar function for women.

Suspenders and fastening devices for urine collectors

Devices for securing a collection bag to the body, wheelchair, bed, etc.

Urine collection systems

All the components and attachments of the urine collector required for normal usage

Faeces collection bags

Body-worn flexible containers for collecting faecal matter from the rectum

Single-use inserts for adults

Absorbent pads that are held in place by close-fitting underwear or stretch mesh briefs. also known as liners or shields

Single-use diapers for adults

Assistive products that are adult-size versions of babies' diapers. they usually have elastic waist and legs and self-adhesive tabs. also known as all-in-ones, nappies or briefs

Single-use incontinence products preformed for men

Assistive products for men with incontinence, designed to fit around the penis and sometimes the scrotum. also known as shields, guards or leaves

Washable incontinence pants for adults

Single-piece garments that can be washed and reused, similar to men's briefs or women's panties, that have padding or other material to absorb moisture, e.g., from urine

Assistive products for fixation of body-worn products for absorbing urine and faeces

Included are, e.g., washable products and products for single use.

Assistive products to prevent involuntary urine or faeces leakage

Assistive products that prevent urine from coming out involuntarily

Faeces stoppers

Assistive products that prevent faeces from coming out involuntarily