For the prevention and relief of pressure sores (decubitus) seat cushions or special mattresses can help.

These assistive products:

  • prevent a pressure sore developing in the first place
  • Support the treatment of the bedridden

For people who are constantly sitting due to severe impairment of movement or who are bedridden, a high pressure load on different parts of the body occurs, mainly in the buttocks and coccyx region.

The blood circulation of the skin in these areas is poor and is not supplied with enough nutrients and oxygen – this results in pressure sores.

Subsections of: Decubitus prophylaxis

Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity

Devices for tissue integrity through redistribution of the load on the buttocks

Back cushions and back pads for tissue integrity

Devices for redistribution of the load on vulnerable parts of the back

Assistive products for tissue integrity when lying down

Products intended to redistribute the load on vulnerable parts of the body during extended periods of lying and to prevent sores and decubitus ulcers

Special equipment for tissue integrity

Equipment for evaluating or warning of excess pressure on parts of the body