For repositioning patients in bed or for patient transfer from the bed to a wheelchair, there are special transfer and assistive turning aids that are intended to provide reliefe for primary caregivers.

These assistive products can:

  • Provide help for the transfer of people, e.g., from sitting to standing
  • Make the repositioning of people requiring nursing care easier
  • Provide assistance for caregivers by patient transfer

Products from other assistive product fields:

Subsections of: Assistive products for transfering and turning persons

Assistive products for transfer and turning

Devices for changing position or direction of a person using sliding techniques


Devices to assist a person to make a rotating movement where the feet are placed on the device when moving

Free-standing rails for self-lifting

Devices to support a person rising from a sitting or lying position (e.g. from a bed or chair)

Grip ladders

Devices, fixed at one end, for assisting a person to change his/her body position step by step

Lifting belts and harnesses

Devices for assisting a person to move another person manually

Carrying chairs, carrying harnesses and carrying baskets

Devices for moving a person from one place to another carried by one or more assistants

Transfer platforms

Devices for moving a standing person a short horizontal distance