These include white canes, electronic orientation aids, auditory, tactile and visual orientation aids.

These assistive products can:

  • Simplify navigation
  • Support people with visual or hearing impairments with orientation
  • Provide information about both the position and obstacles

Aids for orientation from other assistive product fields:

  • Ground surface indicators / aids for the blind for public areas and buildings under Building, Housing

Subsections of: Assistive products for orientation / canes for the blind

Assistive products for orientation

Devices for navigation or identification of the surroundings used by a person with a visual impairment

Assistive products for electronic orientation

Electronic devices for guidance that provide information to determine the relative position in a certain area

Assistive products for acoustic navigation (sound beacons)

Devices for guidance that produce a sound or a message to orientate a person with a visual impairment


Devices for guidance that supply information on the north, east, south and west directions

Relief maps

Devices for guidance that enable orientation on a map by touch

Tactile orientation materials

Materials intended to supply information on orientation by touch