In this area, stimulators, vibrators and noise masks can be found to improve or stabilize bodily functions and assistive products for heat and cold therapy.

Assistive products from other assistive products fields:

  • Continence training, vibrators and massagers under Care, Hygiene

Subsections of: Stimulation therapy und thermal therapy


Equipment that changes the nerve sensitivity and, therefore, reduces the sensation of physical pain

Muscle stimulators not used as orthoses

Equipment for stimulating a muscle or a particular area of a muscle causing it to contract or relax


Devices made to oscillate very rapidly that are used in vibratory massage for therapeutic purposes

Sound stimulators

Devices to mask the auditory perception of noise produced from within the ear or from external sources

Assistive products for stimulating senses and sensibility

Included are, e.g., tactile stimulators and products for occlusion treatment to cover one eye in order to stimulate the other eye.

Assistive products for stimulating cell growth

Included are, e.g., magnetic field stimulation and electric stimulation of bone growth and tissue growth.

Assistive products for heat or cold treatment

Devices for heating the body or an area of the body for therapeutic purposes

Assistive products for cold treatment

Devices for cooling the body or an area of the body for therapeutic purposes