Glasses, contact lenses, edge-filter glasses, screen readers, magnifiers, magnifying glasses and telescopes support visual function by low vision.

These assistive products can:

  • Filter light and amplify contrasts
  • Correct visual defects
  • Optically zoom
  • Electronically zoom on screens
  • Expand or change the angle of view

Products for the blind from other assistive product fields:

Subsections of: Assistive products for seeing

Assistive products for seeing

Devices for absorbing light with defined wavelengths and filtering out those which are unwanted

Spectacles and contact lenses

Devices for helping a person to focus her/his vision

Glasses, lenses and lens systems for magnification

Devices for enlarging the image of an object

Binoculars and telescopes

Devices for magnifying the image of a distant object for one or two eyes

Assistive products for extending and adjusting range and angle of the field of vision

Devices for broadening or changing the angle of the visual field

Image-enlarging video systems

Devices for displaying an enlarged image of the subject that has been captured by a video camera