Here assistive products can be found for leafing through books, reading materials and other aids for the blind, visually impaired, physically disabled and people with reading disabilities.

These assistive products can:

  • Provide reading materials for the blind, visually impaired and hearing impaired in tactile (Braille), audible or visual formats
  • Scan and convert texts into Braille or speech for the blind
  • Provide assistance with page turners and bookends in case of malfunctions of the hands and arms when holding books and turning pages
  • Limit and highlight texts for people with dyslexia and for the left-handed

Products from other assistive product fields:

Subsections of: Assistive products for reading

Assistive products for reading

Media for storing written data to present it in spoken form

Large print reading materials

Assistive products for seeing, see 22 03

Multimedia reading materials

Products that store written or print information and present that information using more than one medium, e.g. audio and visual

Page turners

Operating sticks, see 24 18 15

Book supports and book holders

Reading tables, desks and stands, see 18 03 06

Reading masks and typoscopes

Devices that enable a limited area of text to be visible at one time

Character-reading machines

Devices for reading and transforming written text into alternative forms of visual, auditory and tactile communication

Tactile reading materials

Media for presenting the content in Braille