Hearing aids, headphones, bone conduction systems and bone implanted hearing aids help auditory function with hearing impairments.

These assistive products can:

  • Improve the understanding of speech with different hearing impairments
  • Reinforce sound waves, modulate and transmit

Products from other assistive product fields:

Subsections of: Assistive products for hearing

Body-worn hearing aids

Devices worn attached to the person's clothes or hanging around her/his neck for amplifying sound

Spectacle hearing aids

Frames of eyeglasses with built-in electronic devices to amplify sound

In-the-ear hearing aids

Devices worn within the ear to amplify sound

Behind-the-ear hearing aids

Devices worn behind the ear to amplify sound

Hearing aids used in connection with implant

Devices for assisting hearing by stimulating the receivers implanted, e.g., in the inner ear


Included are, e.g., devices that increase the volume of TVs, radios, stereos or are used together with communication amplifiers.

Accessories for assistive products for hearing

Included are, e.g., audio connections, spectacle adaptations, remote controls for hearing aids.