Sweeping sets, toilet brushes, dustpans, dustpans and brooms and floor cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops and buckets.


  • Sweeping equipment with long handles or sticks for people who have difficulties with bending over
  • Vacuum cleaning robot
  • Containers for disposal devices for contactless opening or for easy opening

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Subsections of: Housecleaning, dishwashing

Dishcloth wringers

Devices for squeezing out excess liquid from a cloth


Powered devices for washing cutlery and crockery

Brushes, sponges, chamois leathers, dusters and floorcloths

Washcloths, sponges and brushes with holder, handle or grip, see 09 33 30

Vacuum cleaners

Included are, e.g., vacuum cleaning robots.

Floor mopping equipment

Included are, e.g., floor mops, pails, stands and floor-mop apparatus for wet use.

Assistive products for storage of waste or disposal of waste

Containers or devices for storage or disposal of garbage