Scissors, embroidery hoops, needles and assistive products for the blind for threading support people with hand disabilities, with one hand, a visually impairement or the blind.


  • Scissors for one-handed use
  • Hoops for one-handed use
  • Threading aids for the visually impaired

Subsections of: Maintaining clothing, sewing

Sewing hoops, pin cushions and darning devices

Devices that hold material in a fixed position while sewing or darning

Assistive products for hand sewing

Included are, e.g., needle threaders and thimbles.


Assistive products for cutting, chopping and dividing to prepare food and drink, see 15 03 06


Clips or forked devices for attaching clothes on to a clothesline. also known as clothes pegs

Assistive products for drying cloths

Included are, e.g., tumble dryers, drying cabinets, spin dryers, airers, drying frames and clothes- lines.