Assistive aids for grasping, holding or carrying permit handling of standard objects in the home or the office, when manual force is not sufficient, the hand and finger function is limited or when the upper limbs are completely or partially missing.

Subsections of: Gripping, carrying, holding

Devices for grasping

Products for grasping an object which replace the gripping function of the hands

Grip adapters and attachments

Devices added to a product to help grap that product

Body-worn holders

Devices worn on the body that hold an object


Free-standing devices for holding an object in a stable position

Operating sticks

Devices for controlling other devices and input devices for computers

Manuscript holders

Devices for holding a manuscript in an appropriate position

Forearm supports to permit manual activities

Devices supporting the forearm during manual activities, e.g. using a computer or a typewriter

Assistive products for extended reach

Devices for holding, squeezing or grasping an object at a distance

Extenders without gripping function

Devices for lengthening reach and moving an object without gripping it

Non-slip pads

Devices for reducing the risk of slipping by being placed under an object

Assistive products for carrying and transporting

Devices for supporting or holding an object for the purpose of transporting it

Baggage and shopping trolleys

Devices for transporting goods, with wheels, a handle and one or more sides for support


Wheeled, unpowered devices for transporting goods, with a flat surface and with or without a handle

Assistive products for transport with bicycles or wheelchairs

Wheeled devices for carrying loads that can be connected to, and pulled by, bicycles or wheelchairs