Chairs, tables, armchairs, cabinets with adjustment or seat cushions that can prevent, for example, pressure sores.


  • Chairs have a supporting function and stand up aid
  • Seat and back cushions, as well as underlays to assist with prolonged sitting and prevention of pressure sores
  • Cabinets and cupboards, as well as aids for height adjustment ease life for the bedridden
  • Accessible and height-adjustable desks and work benches can also be operated by people with disabilities

Subsections of: Furniture and tables


Workdesks, see 28 03 03

Bed tables

Tables designed to be used on, over or beside a bed

Sitting furniture

Included are, e.g., chairs with or without a special mechanism to assist a person to stand or sit.

Stools and standing chairs

Seats with one or more legs that do not have a back or arm supports. standing chairs provide support for a person remaining in a standing or near-standing position

Coxit chairs

Chairs with a seat which has one or two tilting sections at the front edge

Lounge chairs and easy chairs

Comfortable chairs for general use

Special sitting furniture

Chairs that meet the specific seating requirements of a person

Chair lifts and chair transporters

Devices for transporting a chair without wheels, with or without its occupant

Modular seating systems

Seating systems based on a framework to which can be attached selected seat modules, the position of which can then be adjusted to achieve a particular seat configuration

Assistive products for height adjustment of furniture

Devices that are placed under the legs of furniture to increase the length of the legs

Height-adjustable plinths and brackets

Height-adjustable surfaces or brackets on which furniture can be mounted

Bedside cabinets

Included are, e.g., storage devices at the bedside, combinations of bed-tables and bedside cabinets.

Accessories for sitting furniture

Included are, e.g., back supports (and components of back supports) that are attached or incorporated into a chair or seat, lumbar supports, back cushions and back pads.

Seat cushions and underlays

Cushions and other devices that are placed on a seat to correct and maintain a stable sitting position

Arm supports

Included are, e.g., arm troughs and hemiplegia casts.

Leg supports and foot supports

Included are, e.g., leg supports, foot supports, footplates and stump supports that are attached or incorporated into a chair or seat, abductors, adductors and knee separators.

Lap trays and tables that can be attached to chairs

Products that can be attached to a chair (including a wheelchair) or placed on the lap of a sitting person that provide a flat surface on which activities can be carried out or objects can be placed