Hand trucks, forklifts, tractors or conveyors for transporting or stacking loads: These tools reduce the operator's walking distances and relieve the musculoskeletal system.


  • Electric drive to reduce the physical force required
  • Height-adjustable handles for an upright posture
  • Driving seats at walking limitations
  • Ground controls when the inability to drive exists

Subsections of: Transport devices and conveyors

Assistive products for transporting objects in the workplace

Powered and unpowered vehicles with two or more wheels for transporting goods

Hand operated lifting trucks

Manual or power-driven lifting trucks for lifting and moving loads. a person standing on the floor adjacent to the vehicle operates the vehicle

Powered industrial vehicles used to lift and transport materials

Transport vehicles for lifting and transporting loads. a person sitting in or standing on the vehicle operates the vehicle


Stationary or mobile equipment that transports materials, packages, or other types of items over short distances within a confined path using a moving belt or chain, sets of rollers, vibration or angled chutes