Chain hoists, lifting tables, tilting devices or robot grippers support raising and shifting loads or objects.


  • dustbin tippers with tilt function
  • workshop cranes with rolls
  • manipulators with pneumatic drive

Products from other assistive products fields:

  • Lifting aids for nurses under Hoists

Subsections of: Lifting and handling devices

Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in the workplace

Manually operated or power-driven lifting equipment with winders or pulleys and attachments for the horizontal and vertical transfer of cargo and other objects

Manipulators and weight balancers

Overhead or floor guided equipment enabling lifting, repositioning and depositing or balancing of cargo and other objects by means of horizontal, vertical and rotary movements

Lifting and positioning systems for the workplace

Stationary, rotating-sliding or inclinable equipment to position or lift cargo and other objects in comfortable reach of the user

Lifting platforms for the workplace

Platforms for lifting and positioning a person to enable work activity on different levels