Adjustable work chairs and work tables, circulation cabinets, walls or work lamps provide individually and ergonomically designed workstations.


  • Height adjustable tables and chairs in case of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Glare and flicker-free illumination in case of seeing impairment
  • Mobile, handy dividers for individual workstations
  • Easy to use, electric punch and stapler in case of limited hand-arm-function

Subsections of: Office and factory equipment

Workplace furniture and furnishing elements

Included are, e.g., writing desks and computer desks.


Worktables with specific equipment and accessories for manual work in industry and craft

Work chairs and office chairs

Adjustable or fixed seating for the workplace

Stools and standing aids for the workplace

Seats with one or more legs without back or armrests which provide support for a person remaining in a standing or near-standing position

Furniture for storing tools and work materials

Devices that enable easily accessible storage of objects at the workplace

Workplace mats

Assistive products for reducing vibration in the workplace, see 28 24 09