Protective glasses or helmets, protective covers on machines, sound-proofing plates or light signal barriers provide protection against illness and accidents.

These work aids can:

  • Protect against sparks
  • Absorb noise
  • Extract dust and exhaust fumes from the air using suction
  • Mark danger areas
  • Reduce stress

Products from other assistive product fields:

Subsections of: Occupational health and safety

Assistive products for protection and safety in the workplace

Devices designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against health and safety hazards

Assistive products for controlling illumination in the workplace

Devices for regulating lighting conditions at the workplace

Assistive products for reducing vibration in the workplace

Devices or materials for dampening vibrations at the workplace

Air cleaners for the workplace

Devices that remove pollutants at the workplace from the air

Assistive products for noise reduction in the workplace

Devices or materials that reduce or absorb noise at the workplace

Safety devices for the workplace and surrounding areas at work

Devices which are applied in rooms and buildings to minimize hazards

Special software for preventing and reducing physical or mental stress

Software for the avoidance and reduction of subjectively felt states of stress at work

Assistive products for recuperation during work processes

Devices that help a person to recover from mental and physical fatigue at the workplace